22-23 May 2024
Superstudio Maxi, Via Moncucco, 35, Milano MI, 20142, Italy

Conference Programme 2024

The new retail equation: Growing in a fast-changing world

Retail, real estate, leisure and hospitality are at a crossroads, with the need for constant evolution in a rapidly changing world, learning how to fast-track adaptation and agility as the industry’s players work out ‘The new retail equation’.

At the centre of this are customer expectations, a key element of the equation. People need of a sense of place, social interaction and experience. Retail is building new links between customers and citizens, strengthening bonds and creating deeper connections for destinations and brands .This new mixed use will also support the growth of towns and cities and meet the needs of communities.

At MAPIC Italy 2024, discover the latest development and urban regeneration projects that are transforming the heart of our cities and meet the main brands, leisure operators and restaurant chains. Together let’s build the sustainable mixed-use and urban regeneration projects of the future!

They will speak at MAPIC Italy

Joanna Fisher


Dario Villa


Luciano Cimmino


Letizia Cantini


Elisabetta Latini


Muriel During


Massimo Moretti


Stefano Pagliani


Donatella Bollani


Discover the 2024 key topics

TOPIC of the year: “The new retail equation: Growing in a fast-changing world”

MAPIC Italy 2024 will highlight these important topics to support all the market players in finding the right equation to grow.


 Retail Property Asset

 The retail property sector has played a crucial role in making cities better places to live and the new wave of mixed-use projects are putting convenience, sustainability and community at their heart, while regenerating neighbourhoods and city areas.

New Retail

A new generation of retailers has emerged, clear about their differentiation, value and values to appeal to an increasingly ethical consumer. With the borders between physical and digital retail, leisure and hospitality blurring, how will new concepts shape the consumer experience? 


 Leisure is all about authentic experiences and interaction. The programme will reflect the growing popularity and diversification of the leisure sector. It will show how leisure is bringing human connection to the brand experience.


The rapidly expanding restaurant industry plays a key role in customer experience, creating spaces and places where people can connect and both an industry which has embraced technology yet embodies the human touch.


Retailers, developers, investors and new players must all embed sustainability in their business growth plans. Next generation retail is about putting people and the planet first, employing innovation and technology to change the world. ere people can connect and both an industry which has embraced technology yet embodies the human touch.

Innovation and AI

 MAPIC is focused on innovations that help the industry better understand and serve customers. Key to this is the integration of AI, which is impacting every aspect of retail, from supply chains to the in-store experience. 

On-Site Pitch Sessions: Discover New Concepts and Solutions

The Pitch sessions are designed to facilitate contact between sellers and buyers! 

Each company will have a timed slot of a few minutes to present to potential partners a format, a solution, or a new project.

A NEW series of concept presentation sessions (retail, F&B, innovation, sustainability)


Your chance to hear from solutions to make your business more sustainable.

Sessions co-organized with…

They will speak


Discover the latest innovations to increase the performance of you stores and retail destinations.

Sessions co-organized with…

They will speak


Hear from new names and brands in retail, looking to expand their offer to new locations.

Sessions co-organized with…

They will speak

Networking Event Multi-Unit & Master Franchise Summit

By Invitation only

International franchise partners meeting a selection of leading retail and restaurant brands