22-23 May 2024
Milan, Italy

Welcome to the MAPIC ITALY Online Database!

This platform allows you to promote your presence, make connections and generate leads.

First step on the platform

You will be guided to promote yourself and your company, boost your visibility and take advantage of online database’s functionalities

1. Participant Profile

First of all, update your profile (company, job title, contact details, etc.) and increase your chances of finding the right partners you are looking to connect with.

2. Company Profile

Update your Company Page with a logo, key visual and description.

1st registered participant of each company to log-on to MAPIC Italy 2023 Online Database is entitled as “Company Administrator”.

3. Prepare your physical event

Browse attending participants and companies, connect and start chatting ! Prepare your agenda for the upcoming MAPIC Italy.

You still have question about the Online Database, please contact our customer helpdesk here.